Awakened Heart

Awakened Heart is 12-week online coaching program designed to cultivate a conscious relationship with your innermost self with a purpose of aligning your heart’s frequency with that of the perfect partner for you no matter which season of life you’re in.

This program will guide you through that transformation by helping you:

  • Uncover and resolve past hurts blocking you from true intimacy
  • Rewrite inner dialogues and self-narratives holding you back
  • Gain clarity on your core values to make choices aligned with your long-term vision
  • Shift subconscious limiting beliefs into empowering truths
  • Turn self-sabotage into spiritual practices
  • Cultivate habits and routines that put you in alignment with your heart’s desires
  • Take inspired action to welcome healthy, conscious love that lasts

Awakened Heart uses integrative techniques that blend psychodynamic coaching, cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and mind-body psychology so you can heal core heart wounds, live with purpose, and manifest a conscious relationship.

Awakened Heart is for you if:

  • you’re last serious relationship really messed you up, and you know you deserve to heal from it
  • you have no idea who you are outside of a relationship, and you’re ready to take your independence back
  • you feel lost in your life without a clear sense of direction, and you’re ready to find your next steps forward
  • you have a growth mindset and a commitment to excellence
  • you’re ready and willing to dedicate a few hours a week to personal growth and self-love because you know now is the time

Awakened Heart is not for you if:

  • you’ve never experienced heartbreak before
  • you’re not willing to dedicate a significant amount of time to your personal growth
  • you have a tendency to give up easily or quit when things get hard 
You can manifest love too!

Imagine 3 months from now…

  • Developing a deeper understanding of yourself and needs in a relationship
  • Feeling more at peace living with the pain of heartbreak as it ebbs and flows
  • Reclaiming lost parts of yourself so you feel whole and complete again
  • Establishing clear boundaries to preserve your overall health and well-being 
  • Experiencing greater confidence and enhanced relationship skills
  • Creating space in your home and in your schedule for love to bloom and flourish

Awakened Heart will give you the mindset, tools and support to call in authentic love and conscious partnerships by helping you heal old wounds, rewrite negative neural pathways, and feel alive with passion, purpose, and productivity.

Awakened Heart Process

During the Recovery phase of Awakened Heart, our focus will be on healing and self-discovery as the foundation for our work together. This phase centers on acknowledging your emotions, soothing your heart, rewriting your personal narrative of what happened, and releasing limiting beliefs that may be hindering your healing and growth. By the end of this phase, you’ll learn to recognize when you’re gaslighting yourself and begin putting into practice a process of productive self-inquiry, cultivating a nurturing environment for your recovery from past hurts as well as any future emotional upsets. 

During the Revival phase of Awakened Heart, we’ll shift into rekindling your spirit and transforming your pain into a renewed sense of purpose. This phase encourages you to rediscover your passions and clarify your priorities in life and love so you can cultivate habits that strengthen your self-esteem, and start saying goodbye to anyone or anything that puts your well-being at jeopardy. By the end of this phase, you’ll learn to recognize all the ways you compromised your self-worth and begin reconnecting with pieces of your identity that make you attractively you, fortifying your resilience by building a life worth living. 

During the Radiance phase of Awakened Heart, we’ll integrate your self-discoveries and renewed purpose cultivated in earlier phases, solidifying your transformation into a radiant and empowered individual. This phase aims to illuminate the path forward, fostering a life filled with self-love, meaningful connections, and a genuine sense of joy by building upon the foundations of inner healing. By the end of this transformational journey, you’ll start to radiate with confidence and authenticity, ready to write the next chapter of your love life.

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