How to Keep the Spirit of Valentine’s Day Alive Year-Round

Do you genuinely love Valentine’s Day and wish it could be celebrated every day? Or do you dread Valentine’s Day and thank your lucky stars you only have to suffer through it once a year? 

Many don’t realize the tainted history of Valentine’s Day. As a society, we have chosen to celebrate this over-commercialized holiday as a reminder to positively express our love for one another. 

Did you know Valentine’s Day has a bit of a morbid past? Some historians believe it started as a big drunken sex party among the Romans. Many others believe it began in celebration of an execution (or two, or three even). Whatever story you want to believe, blood sacrifices were involved in one way or another. 

It wasn’t until William Shakespeare romanticized it in his work as a playwright that Valentine’s Day started to become associated with love and romance, and people started making handmade cards. Then Hallmark Cards came along and forever changed the month of February during the Industrial Revolution by mass-producing cards featuring declarations of love. 

To Valentine or Not to Valentine?

Every year, Valentine’s Day is met with much controversy. Those in a romantic relationship tend to be  more positive about it than their single counterparts who welcome the day with mild annoyance. However, this is not always the case. 

Some men and women, on both sides of the fence, resent the orchestrated gestures, romantic pressures and financial obligations commonly associated with the celebratory day of love. In fact, more and more couples are choosing not to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense. Instead, they prefer to implement daily acts of love, kindness and respect year-round. 

Singles, on the other hand, are starting to actually enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day. They’ve even rebranded it to Singles Awareness Day. There are tons of singles groups now that host large successful events on this day. Singles are also taking daily action to “show love” to their friends, family and, most importantly, to themselves. 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship and you love or hate the holiday, you don’t need Valentine’s Day to show someone you care. You can still enjoy the benefits of this worldwide day of love all year round with a few simple tips. 

For all my Singles out there:

The beauty about being single is that you have so many options to choose from and no expectations to live up to. If you love Valentine’s Day and you happen to be single, throw a party for you and all your single friends. Do a gift exchange with your BFF. Have dinner out at your favorite restaurant with family or friends. And don’t forget to keep those good vibes going all year long. 

Start booking your calendar with events and mixers specific for singles and/or your career/hobbies. Make standing plans with friends (ie. Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday, Sunday Brunch, etc.). Keep in touch with loved ones regularly, and let the people you love know how you feel about them as often as possible. 

The more you add aspects of love and respect into your life and the lives of those around you, the happier and more content you’ll be. Remember, being single and feeling loved are not mutually exclusive. Truth be told, being single allows you more options to feel and share love while allowing your commitment level to others remain relatively low. 

For all my Lovebirds out there:

If you’re in a romantic relationship, you’ll want to discuss with your partner how exactly you both want to celebrate this holiday. If you want to celebrate the day as though it’s “Cupid’s Honeymoon” with flowers, candy, lavish gifts and exclusive dinner plans, go for it! If you prefer to lay-low, spend quality time together, and help each other out around the house or with errands, make it happen! As for the rest of the year, keep those important principles going. 

For those of you who love being romantically spoiled on Valentine’s Day, ask your other half to bring home flowers once a week. Plan for a weekly date night that includes dinner and dessert. Give each other gifts (even if it’s something small) as often as possible. And don’t forget to express your love for each other verbally, in a card or in small little notes. 

For those of you who prefer a more laid back romantic life, give each other a compliment or verbal affirmation every day. Write down what you appreciate in the other person and save these small notes in a jar to be shared on a special occasion. Strengthen your communication skills by really listening to your partner, and helping him or her out wherever you can. 

When you channel what you love about the holiday, and implement as many small gestures as you can into your day-to-day life, you’ll be helping to ensure a loving, healthy relationship for many years to come.  

For all my Lonely Hearts out there:

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, you still need to take time to love on yourself. If you’re in need of some self-love, keeping the spirit of the Valentine’s Day going year-round is an absolute must for you! Before you can love anybody else, you need to love yourself first, which makes Valentine’s Day the perfect time to show yourself a little extra love than you normally would.

The best way to engage in self-love is through a good old-fashioned pampering. Make it a spa day, get yourself a massage, style your hair with a blow out, get your nails done, hit the gym, or go on a mini-shopping spree for yourself. Think of it like a second birthday! 

Just remember: you need these things from yourself year-round as well, not just once or twice a year. Start making weekly or monthly appointments for personal upkeep and pampering. Make sure you are taking care of your health with a solid diet and consistent workout regime – everything starts and stops with your health, so make this a priority. 

Celebrate love daily

Regardless of your relationship status, you can still use Valentine’s Day to your advantage. Whether it’s booking some extra pampering, buying yourself a new outfit, or enjoying your favorite dessert, it’s important that you celebrate YOU regularly.    

You need to replenish and rejuvenate yourself often so that you can continue to give and receive love. The more you love yourself, the more you will be able to show the world the love it needs. 

Just as society has chosen to overlook the negative origins of this day, we are able to overlook the daily dramas of our life to find love, kindness and respect at every turn. Where you are single, in a relationship, or in need of self-love, I hope you choose to celebrate the spirit of this Valentine’s Day everyday or whenever love strikes your heart. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you today and every day!

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