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Revolutionize your relationships with a radical approach to modern dating that challenges conventional wisdom and social norms. 

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Hi, I'm Niki Payne


Welcome lovely! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Niki and I am on a personal mission to spread love, joy and positivity wherever I go to help ease human suffering caused by addiction, violence, and suicide. Professionally speaking, my chief aim is to help ambitious women learn how to detach from difficult situations with love, heal core heart wounds, and live with purpose so they can start manifesting love, success, and happiness all on their own terms. 

“The key to unlocking your soul’s purpose lies hidden between your deepest pain and greatest pleasure. Honor the pain for it holds the truth of what matters to you. Indulge in the pleasure for it nourishes resilience from within.”

How I Can Help You

My areas of experience include dating and relationships, digital marketing, general self-improvement, and behavioral health. 

One On One Coaching

We will focus on your individual goals, challenges, and aspirations and develop a personalized game plan.

Group Coaching Programs

Empower yourself with a supportive group that fuels your motivation, ignites new skills within you and provides valuable insights.

Online Courses

Learn how to master your motivation and strengthen your self-esteem from the comforts of home and at your own pace. 

Do You Want to Step Up Your Game in Life & Love?

I empower individuals to create a league of their own, build an all-star team, and find their most valuable person (hint: it’s YOU!). You can experience deeper self-understanding, greater self-acceptance, and stronger relationships.

Conscious relationships coach healing heartbreak

Blog and Articles

I like to write about dating and relationships, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, self-leadership, and personal development. 

Relationship Advice

5 laws of suggestibility that can make any relationship stronger

Discover how principles of hypnotic suggestibility can be used to enhance relationships when applied mindfully.

Personal Essays

Reconnecting With Purpose

It was a little uncomfortable straddling the line between work and play. I almost didn't know what to do with...

Personal Essays

Entertaining the Shadow

Yet remnants of my past self still lurk in the shadows of my life ever since.