Niki Payne

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Relationship Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Relationship Coach

Transform heartbreak into happiness !

I help high achievers reclaim their personal power by helping them channel emotional pain into passion, purpose and productivity.

Hi! I’m Niki

Who Am I?

I am a former freelance writer and marketing professional turned clinical hypnotherapist and relationship coach. I used to help marketing executives and independent professionals build an online presence by using blogging and social media to attract website visitors while nurturing existing client relationships. Now, I help women develop a better relationship with themselves so they can make peace with their past, embrace the present moment, and write a new ending to their life story. 

My Story

After experiencing the biggest heartbreak of my life, I took to writing as a way to cope with grief and loss while navigating the trenches of modern dating. That experience paved the way for a decade-long career in the world of marketing until I landed my dream job and quickly realized it wasn't as fulfilling as I had envisioned. I started consulting and ridesharing for a couple years to make ends meet while doing some serious soul searching, one seminar after another. One of those seminars led me to the realization that my real dream was to become a life coach. While searching for courses to develop my coaching skills, I stumbled upon a hypnotherapy college where I learned about the subconscious and how mine was hijacking my relationship success by way of self-sabotage. I enrolled myself into that college and eventually discovered I had found my calling. A couple years later, I took my fascination of relationship dynamics to the next level by going back to school to earn my master's in clinical psychology, specializing in marriage and family therapy. While studying the psychology of relationships, I manifested my ideal partner and have never been happier! 



Clarify your goals, work through obstacles, and create a game plan for achieving love, success, and happiness. 


Break up with bad habits by creating alignment between your conscious intentions and your subconscious motivations. 


Develop an understanding of consumer psychology to leverage blogging and social media to grow your business.