Dream Coaching

What is Dream Coaching?

A Proven Results-Oriented Framework For Getting Anything You Want!

Imagine what it would be like if fear and doubt were no longer obstacles holding you back. Imagine how it would feel for you to increase your mental clarity, boost your confidence and find the courage within to finally start pursuing dreams you never thought were possible. This is exactly what the Dream Coach® program can do for you.

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs, business executives and independent professionals alike to help them achieve their personal goals starting with one dream at a time. From losing weight and finding a relationship to moving up the career ladder and writing a book, I can help you get there – from where you are now to where ever you want to go.

The Dream Coach® process is life-changing 12-week coaching program that will provide you with deeper clarity on what matters most to you, increased confidence to pursue your dreams and greater courage to overcome anything that dares to stand in your way. This program will teach you how to overcome resistance and become more resilient to the ups and downs that inevitably come with this human experience we call life.

How Dream Coaching® Works

Dream Coaching® is a form of a life coaching that redefines goal-setting to help you create your dream life, career, business and/or relationships. As part of the Dream Coach® program, you will be introduced to 10 essential steps for living a dream come true life and taken through a series of transformational exercises over the course of 12 weeks designed to help you cut straight to matters of the heart and closer to realizing your dreams.

During month one of the program, you’ll unlock the key principles of manifestation and start setting the foundation necessary for a dream life of your own design. During month two of the program, you’ll start building your dreams from the ground up, starting with the vision you have for your life and ending with your core beliefs to help you identify and eliminate the obstacles standing between you and your dreams. During the final month of the program, you’ll start turning your dreams into reality using a proven system for personal success you can duplicate for all your dreams and goals. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish in three months.

The Dream Coach® program includes 12 sessions of 60 minutes, each of which includes a progress report, personalized coaching, journal prompts and workbook activities designed to promote deeper self-discovery, as well as 10 supplemental hypnosis audio recordings to reinforce positive changes in between sessions. There’s no better way to get a serious jump start on your dreams.

What People Are Saying

I decided to work with Niki Payne as my Dream Coach because I wanted help getting greater clarity in life. Having accomplished many of my life goals already, I anxiously wondered what was the next step for me. This uncertainty had created a lot of anxiety for me. One thing I really liked about working with Niki was her ability to listen in a trustworthy, non-judgmental way. Her ability to connect the dots to her teachings, encouragement to dream big, and provide actionable insight is second to none. I found the experience to be a fascinating discovery into how I am. It’s amazing how one aspect in your life can be so tied to other parts; whether it’s business, education, or personal relationships.  The result was that I was able to enhance all phases of my life and finally allowed me to reach a state of mind that makes me much happier than ever before. I would highly recommend Niki Payne to people who would like assistance with personal growth and development.
— Andy T. (Pasadena, CA)

“Having Niki as my Dream Coach was such an enjoyable experience. She helped me zero in on what my ultimate dream was and guided me through the action steps I needed to take to make my dream a reality. As an unexpected bonus, I lost 23 pounds while working with Niki, having set that as an intention with her at the beginning of our process together. I expect you’ll also get no less than great results from her!”
— Anne L. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Is Dream Coaching® Right For You?

Get one-on-one support to create positive changes in your life using a results-driven coaching program designed to help you clarify your dreams, remove obstacles, and create your dream life, career and relationship.

This program is absolutely for you if you’ve always dreamed of:

  • Starting your own business.
  • Writing a book.
  • Traveling the world.
  • Falling in love.
  • Making a career change.
  • Releasing unwanted weight.
  • Being a better version of yourself.
  • You fill in the blank … The possibilities are endless!

By the end of the Dream Coaching® program, you will have deeper clarity, enhanced confidence and greater courage to pursue an array of dreams you once thought were unattainable. You will walk away from this program feeling more empowered than you ever have to take on any challenge life wants to throw your way. That is my commitment to you.

Dreams only happen when you make them happen.
Let’s make them happen together!