Consulting Services

Anyone who knows me knows that I love helping people, especially if it involves geeking out about marketing and entrepreneurship in light of my experience with blogging, social media, and search engine optimization as a freelance writer and digital marketing consultant. I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners helping them build websites, write blog content and drive traffic with social media and search engine optimization. I learned how to do most things myself and have picked up other tips and tricks along the way through my own foray into advertising and promotions.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly digital marketing consultant to help you establish an online presence that generates leads and referrals, then I may be able to help depending what kind of support and commitment you are looking for. I only work with a small number of consulting clients at a time since it is not my primary business focus; hypnotherapy is my main squeeze. I work with consulting clients on an hourly basis sharing expert advice and tons of resources that will help you pick up where we left off after a strategy session. For more hands-on support, I would recommend that we put into place a formal consulting agreement (for both our protections) that clearly outlines expectations, deliverables, and timelines for a project-based fee.

For more information, schedule a free phone consultation or schedule a strategy session below when you are ready to get started.

What is a strategy session?

A strategy session is a collaborative meeting that involves brainstorming solutions, troubleshooting challenges, and creating win-win situations for everyone involved. It is not a time set aside for planning or delegating, but more so to make important decisions related to a meaningful project or desired outcome.

How are strategy sessions structured?

My approach to strategy sessions involves understanding your business goals, clarifying marketing objectives, discussing strategic approaches, and identifying tactical interventions for achieving your business goals. Every strategy session includes a progress report, an exploration of challenges or obstacles that may be impeding your progress, as well as intention implementation support.

How long is a strategy session?

A strategy session usually runs for 60 minutes. However, there may be times when we go over by 15 or 30 minutes. If that happens, you will not be charged a pro-rated fee for the extra time. If it happens more often than not, then it might be worth having a conversation about a project-based fee or pre-paid package of sessions.

If you have any other questions that I may not have answered, consider scheduling a phone consultation to discuss your specific needs.