Reconnecting With Purpose

I am so beyond grateful that I gave myself time off from work this past week. Okay, maybe not completely off since I’m a workaholic in recovery who likes to make money, BUT I did take a break from one-on-one work for the final week of the month. It was such perfect timing since my physical body was already primed for rest, relaxation, and reflection.

I had just received payment for a website consulting project I recently completed and I had more money coming my way from at least three different sources, so my nervous system was good on the money front. Plus, facilitating a few DBT groups and cat sitting hardly felt like work at all; both are conducive to a period of deeper introspection.

It was a little uncomfortable at first straddling the line between work and play. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself in the stillness of uninterrupted free time. My default mode is to work on something productive that will advance myself and my career, so it was hard not to feel guilty about sleeping in, let alone relaxing. I had to remind myself that relaxing IS productive—that even a little play can be productive.

To meet myself half way, I started my week off decluttering my room and moving some camping gear back into my storage unit from almost two years ago. (Have I really been that busy??) It felt good to get rid of four suitcases filled with clothes and store away a large suitcase filled with books of sentimental value. I really needed to feng shui my space again.

The next day, I got to reconnect with my creative spirit and started writing from the heart. It felt liberating to let the words slip through my fingers onto the page as if it were a long lost lover. I enjoy the freedom that comes from writing without pay. There’s no need to filter my words to fit some agenda. I can just be me and live my purpose. Writing is just one of the many ways I express my purpose.

I truly believe my purpose in life is to enlighten (both myself and others). One of my favorite ways to express myself and my highest purpose has always been through writing. When I’m writing for myself, I get to energetically connect with the handful of people who actually read what I write.

I know there’s at least 12 of you who clicked a link from my socials to read my recent blog post the first day of publish. I don’t really know who you are, except that if I seem to be orbiting your world, we must be spiritually connected on a soul level.

Here’s what else I think I know about you. You’ve been through some shit. You’ve had your heart broken, beat up, and bruised. You’ve been burned badly one too many times and betrayed by someone closest to you. You’re also resilient AF. Or maybe you’re just a secret admirer who has been following my journey since the day we met by chance. I don’t really know. But whoever you are, and where ever you are in your journey, know that you are not alone.

My words are ultimately for you. My soul’s purpose is to help you feel a little less lonely in that inner world of yours by sharing graciously of what is mine.

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